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Here's How to Fix Your Dry, Itchy Scalp - GQ Magazine as Grooming Consultant

Here's How to Fix Your Dry, Itchy Scalp - GQ Magazine as Grooming Consultant

We all underestimate the importance of scalp care until it’s too late. Once the dandruff starts falling, or the dome starts itching, or—worst case scenario—the hair goes lifeless and starts to drop out, you've already got a dry scalp. That’s because the signs of an unhealthy scalp aren’t so evident on first glance. (Note that baldness is not necessarily a sign of poor scalp health. Hair loss is typically genetic.)

The signs of poor scalp health, on the other hand, are often seen (as flecks on your shoulders, or as patchy and parched hair), and they’re also certainly felt. You’ll know your scalp needs help when it gets itchy as hell.

It’s a delicate task to maintain the perfect amount of oiliness in the scalp, to nourish both the skin and the hair growing out of it, and to preserve this happy equilibrium without getting greasy hair. To help you, though, we summoned a few tips from Arthur Reamir, master barber at the legendary Reamir Barbershops in NYC, and the name behind Reamir grooming products. In his years as a barber and product developer, Reamir has learned a lot about the importance of scalp care, and how to maintain harmony up top your head. Here is his advice.

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