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About Us

Historically, the men’s Barbershop emerged before women began going to their first salons. Working men treated themselves by getting haircuts, manicures, shoe shines and facial massages. As a result, the Barbershop became a place where they would gather and socialize, smoke a cigar or have drinks together.

Royal Haircut Packages are performed by the founder himself. Arthur Rubinoff, a 4th generation Master Barber, leading educator and celebrity groomer, has been collecting Barber antiques and memorabilia for over 25 years. He was inspired to open the NYC Barbershop Museum, to offer his clients the finest haircuts, shaves, and grooming services in an engaging turn-of-the-century environment, surrounded by the historic artifacts and memorabilia he loves.

“The history of the Barber is a very rich but forgotten one,” explains Rubinoff. “My goal was to give respect to all Barbers and our history as well as educate. Barbering is true art with a fascinating legacy.”

“Every haircut or a shave at the Museum is an exclusive memorable experience. First of all, it is a first-class traditional treatment, on top of that presented in a rich environment of an authentic Barber Shop, - classic Men’s grooming and socializing venue.”

NYC Barber Shop Museum is operates as a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Under the patronage and genersl sponsorship of REAMIR & Co. Proceeds portion from the Sales and Servicea goes to pursue our social goals, support professional community and the Free Angel's Day Care Center.