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November 12, 2023 / Barbering Art Exhibit

501c3 Nonprofit Organization | Department of Education Granted Establishment 
pays homage to unique barbering collection of valuable historical and modern artifacts. 
NYC MODERN Barber Shop Museum location aimed to assemble art displays presenting modern vision of barbering craft. Located in the most trending artistic neighborhood of New York - Williamsburg,
NYC MODERN Barber Shop Museum already showcasing unique artworks of Norman Rockwell, Dennis Stock, Randy Owens, Joe Addai, alongside with other artists. And we are open to present young talents of different styles and approach.

Exhibitor Invitation

We are super excited to offer you a place to present your artwork inspired by the craft of barbering.

I. Terms of participation:

  • There is an artwork of any kind or style (painting, photography, sculpture, installation, etc) that captures or somehow related to barbering (barbers, haircuts, tools, barber shops, barber poles, etc.)
  • You are willing to showcase your artwork at 💈NYC MODERN Barber Shop Museum💈 located at 483 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 for the period of time: November 5, 2023 - January 5, 2024.
  • Contact welcome@nycbarbershopmuseum.com / (212) 920-9726
  • Receive donation letter from NYC Barber Shop Museum 501c3 Nonprofit Organization in the amount of $500-1000 (depends on the scale and agreed prior showcasing). This is your tax-deductible receipt that can be submitted with your 2023 tax return.
  • Participate in Barbering Art Exhibit event on November 12, 2023 and get an option to sell your artwork from the auction.

II. Contest:

If you are willing to create a custom artwork inspired by one of the images of an original NYC Barber Shop Museum and get a $1000 check, please join our contest!

  • Contact welcome@nycbarbershopmuseum.com / (212) 920-9726
  • Get three images from us as inspiration.
  • Create an artwork based on one of those.
  • Align with all terms of participation in section I.
  • Additional to the “Terms of Participation” win $1000 check.

III. Permanent display

Every exhibitor is welcomed to discuss further showcasing of your artwork at the NYC Barber Shop Museum on the terms the most convenient to you and pleasing both sides.

Regarding participation or any additional questions, please contact: welcome@nycbarbershopmuseum.com or (212)920-9716