Fall events / classes schedule

Space Rental

Special Offer: Choose NYC Barber Shop Museum for your professional Photo and Video Shooting for your portfolio.

As barbering and hairstyling go all over the Internet and Social Media NYC Barber Shop Museum would like to provide you with an opportunity to create your professional portfolio in a unique environment.

Space is reached in colors and décor, equipped with lightning. You will get three gorgeous working stations to choose from. NYC Barber Shop Museum has in staff photographer. Or you can optionally choose to bring your group.

Special offer for professionals right now: $195 for an hour shooting. With it, you will get a 30 seconds video of your work and a whole photoshoot. On top of that select images will be featured on @nycbarbermuseum page, crediting your work.


Renting the whole space of NYC Barber Shop Museum regular prices:

Media Production: $250/hour

Whole day discount: $2000/10 hours

Meetings and Events are currently limited due to COVID-19 restrictions and subjects to be discussed.


To book your date and any additional details, please reach us at:

Email: welcome@nycbarbershopmuseum.com

DM: @nycbarbermuseum

Call: (212)920-9716


We are looking forward to welcoming all professional enthusiasts!